Free Public Viewing Night 19th December 2023

Join our Astronomers here at Binocentral for a FREE 2 hours of viewing the Night Sky from our store at Unit 1, 43 Winton Rd Joondalup, WA 6027.

We start at 7:30 pm with the Moon and then as it gets darker we get to see Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its Moons, the incredible Orion Nebula, and of course that stunning cluster of stars that are known as Pleiades or the Seven Sisters.

Our staff are on hand to answer all your questions about Telescopes and how to use them and set them up.

Another attraction for the evening will be a demonstration of the New ZWO Seestar S50 

This is a 50mm Telescope with a built-in camera that will load the image directly to your Mobile device.

Now all of this will be great as long as we don’t have clouds, Smoke, or rain so the evening is weather permitting, if you are traveling a distance then please call us @ (08) 6108 4239 before 3 pm on the day so we can tell you if the night is going ahead.