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ZWO ASI585MC Pro USB 3.0 Colour Astronomy Camera

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The ASI 585 MC Pro camera emerges as a standout option for those passionate about astrophotography, particularly when it comes to documenting the mesmerizing allure of deep-sky phenomena. Its distinctive advantage is rooted in the sizable 1/1.2" Sony 4K CMOS sensor, complemented by highly sensitive 2.9μm pixels. This powerful combination ensures unparalleled performance in low-light conditions, a critical factor for capturing the subtle details of distant nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters with sharp clarity. Boasting a resolution of 8.29 megapixels, this camera enables astrophotographers to capture the grandeur of the cosmos with sufficient detail for later cropping or printing.

The ASI585MC Pro doesn't just excel in deep-sky imaging; it's also remarkably adept at recording the vibrant, ever-changing scenes within our solar system. Thanks to its capability to shoot up to 47 frames per second at full resolution, the camera is perfectly suited for seizing the transient phenomena of the Sun, Moon, and planets in exquisite detail. This feature is indispensable for

capturing momentary events such as solar flares or the swirling vortex of Jupiter's Great Red Spot with unparalleled precision.ZWO ASI585MC-Pro USB 3.0

Advancing Astrophotography: The ASI 585MC Pro's Breakthroughs

The ASI585MC Pro camera redefines the limits of astrophotography through its cutting-edge functionalities.

Enhanced STARVIS 2 Innovation: Pioneered by Sony, this advanced technology expands the dynamic range and boosts sensitivity beyond what the human eye can perceive. Explore the cosmos as never before, capturing the universe with an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio that ensures crystal-clear imagery.

Exceptional Full Well Potential: Thanks to its backlit design, this camera boasts an extraordinary full well capacity, nearly quadrupling that of earlier models. This feature significantly enhances its ability to collect light, effectively reducing overexposure in bright areas while amplifying the signal-to-noise ratio. The result is even more stunning and detailed celestial imagery.

Eliminate Amp Glow Completely: Welcome to a new era of pristine astrophotography with the ASI585MC Pro. This camera guarantees images free from unwanted noise, achieving consistently clear and smooth visuals, no matter the duration of exposure or level of gain. This impressive capability is built directly into the hardware, eliminating the need for software corrections.

Smooth and Steady Data Streaming: Enjoy uninterrupted data transfer thanks to the camera's built-in 512MB DDR3 memory buffer and high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity. This combination guarantees a fluid and reliable experience, letting you concentrate on capturing the wonders of the night sky without any hiccups.

Revealing Cosmic Beauty, Feature by Feature:

Versatile USB Port Hub: Effortlessly connect a variety of devices such as Electronic Filter Wheels (EFWs), autoguiding cameras, and Electronic Automatic Focusers (EAFs). This feature turns your setup into a fully integrated astrophotography system, ready to explore and document the universe's magnificence.

Advanced Dual-Stage TEC Cooling: Featuring a state-of-the-art cooling system, the CMOS sensor within the ASI585MC Pro can be cooled to an impressive 35 degrees Celsius below the surrounding temperature. This significant reduction in temperature dramatically lowers the generation of dark current and sensor noise, particularly during long exposure times. Consequently, it produces exceptionally clear and detailed images.

Minimized Read Noise with Enhanced Dynamic Range: Featuring an advanced HCG mode, this camera skillfully reduces read noise when operating at high gain settings, maintaining its impressive dynamic range. This ensures that images retain their vibrancy and detail, even in the most demanding low-light scenarios.

Connectivity Options (Optimal Back Focus Distance - 55mm)

Linking with External Hardware

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