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ZWO ASI2600MM DUO Cooled Colour Astronomy Camera

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Introducing the innovative ASI2600MM Duo, a dual-purpose astro-camera that ingeniously integrates two specialized sensors within its sleek design. At its core is the esteemed Sony IMX571 sensor, boasting a 16-bit ADC for exceptional clarity, a dynamic range of 14 stops, and a finely tuned 3.76µm pixel grid for superior image detail. Its readout noise is remarkably minimal at just 1.0e, while achieving a full well capacity of an impressive 73ke – all without the disturbance of amp glow.


Accompanying this is the advanced Type 1/1.8 SC2210 guiding sensor, praised for its outstanding near-infrared sensitivity, making it an excellent companion for deep-sky imaging. This sensor's dimensions are optimized at 7.68mm by 4.32mm, with a 1920×1080 pixel array, each pixel measuring 4µm for precise guiding accuracy and a generous full depth of 8780e.


Users may notice that stars at the edge of the guiding images could appear less than perfectly round due to the back focus distance of reducers. Rest assured, this characteristic is not a consequence of sensor misalignment and does not compromise the camera's excellent performance in regular astro-imaging setups.

Experience streamlined astrophotography with the dual-function ASI 2600 MM Duo, which boasts a sleek and compact design requiring just a single USB cable for full operational control. This innovative approach minimizes cable clutter and significantly hastens your setup time, allowing you to focus on capturing the cosmos. The necessity for separate off-axis guiders (OAG) and additional guide cameras is eliminated, making your astrophotography sessions as efficient as they are thrilling.

Enhance your setup with the 2600MM Duo's optional rear tilt adjustment. This feature offers a three-point system for easy and precise tilt corrections, eliminating the need to remove any parts, streamlining the alignment process for superior imaging results.

Performance Improvement Comparison

The guide sensor in the ASI2600MM Duo, derived from the ASI220MM Mini, showcases exceptional sensitivity. With a Quantum Efficiency (QE) peak of 92% at 500nm and readout noise minimized to 0.6e, this next-generation sensor has garnered acclaim from numerous astrophotographers for its outstanding guiding performance.

The primary sensor in the ASI 2600MM Duo, the IMX571, is an APS-C sized powerhouse with 26 million pixels. Measuring 23.5mm by 15.7mm with a 28.3mm diagonal, it features compact 3.76µm square pixels. These allow for a notable 50ke full well capacity, which can be expanded to 73ke thanks to advanced hardware technology.

The ASI2600MM Duo incorporates Sony's STARVIS technology, a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor renowned for its superior sensitivity and noise minimization capabilities, which are crucial for elevating image quality.

The ASI2600MM Duo excels with a native 16-bit ADC, distinct from traditional CCD ADCs, delivering an impressive 14-stop dynamic range. This enhancement boosts image clarity and contrast, while facilitating smoother, more nuanced color gradations. In RAW 8 mode, the camera achieves a maximum frame rate of 15 FPS at full resolution, outpacing the ASI2600 Pro. Furthermore, its full well capacity is boostable to 73ke at a -25 gain setting, demonstrating its superior extended full well mode capabilities.

USB 3.0 & 512MB DDR3 buffer

The ASI 2600 MM Duo stands out with its zero-amp glow technology, eliminating the common issue of infrared light emission found in traditional CMOS sensors, often visible as a glow in image corners. This advancement ensures that even under high gain or long exposure conditions, your images remain clear and free from the unwanted effects of amp glow.

Our empirical data reveals that the ASI2600MC Duo boasts a Quantum Efficiency (QE) peak exceeding 80%, while the ASI2600MM Duo impresses with a QE peak surpassing 91%.

The ASI2600MM Duo's advanced two-stage TEC cooling system efficiently reduces the sensor temperature by 30-35 degrees Celsius below the surrounding environment, significantly minimizing dark current and sensor noise for long exposure photography. Note that this temperature reduction, tested at 30℃ ambient, may vary with prolonged cooling use and lower ambient temperatures.

Dark current noise

The ASI2600MM Duo features an integrated polyimide heater tailored to the protective window, designed to prevent dew or ice formation on the lens, ensuring clear imaging in various climatic conditions. With a power consumption of approximately 5W, this heater is energy-efficient, and for added power saving, it can be deactivated through your imaging software.

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Connection to external devices

① Niko-T2 adapter

② EOS-T2 adapter

③ 2″ filter

④ Nikon lens

⑤ Canon lens

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