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saxon AstroSeeker 127MAK Smartphone Astrophotography Bundle

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If you are looking to start your astrophotography journey, look no further with this smartphone astrophotography bundle.

This AstroSeeker 127MAK features an Alt-Azimuth Computerized Goto with a dual encoder, making it easy to set up and start your viewing and astrophotography section within minutes. The GoTo functionality allows the telescope to automatically slew and track your chosen celestial object. Its tracking feature compensates for Earth's rotation, keeps your target perfectly in view without manual adjustments.

GoTo, Computerized and tracking
With an expansive library of over 42,000 celestial objects, the Astroseeker mount provides endless opportunities for exploration. Its innovative WIFI capability allows seamless control via your mobile device, eliminating the need for a modem or internet connection. By downloading the SynscanPro app, you can leverage your phone's GPS, date, and time features for optimal functionality.

The Optical Tube Assembly 
When paired with the 127 Maksutov Cassegrain telescope, this mount delivers exceptional viewing power. Known as the 127 Mak or Mak 127, this telescope features a 127mm aperture and a 1500mm focal length, making it perfect for lunar and planetary observation and photography. 

The mount and telescope are easily separable, enhancing portability – ideal for weekend camping trips.

The bundle accessories are
SAX-654042, saxon Portable Multipurpose Power Supply Station 42Ah allows you to power your telescope and electronic devices throughout your viewing and astrophotography sections without having any power shortage.

SAX-653012, saxon 12v 5A Australia AC Power Adapter provides consistent currents to your telescope to ensure the tracking is precise.

SAX-645012, saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter 3s, allows you to couple your smartphone to your telescope to capture short-exposure images. The included Bluetooth shutter dongle makes it easier for you to capture stable images!

More Information
Optical Design Maksutov Cassegrain
Focuser Type Helical Focuser
Telescope Weight 12
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