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HikMicro Gryphon GQ35 Thermal Night Vision Monocular

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The Gryphon GQ35 is a thermal monocular designed for various applications, including scanning and surveillance, hunting, and police operations. It boasts several features and specifications that make it a versatile and reliable tool in different scenarios:

Fusion Image: The device can create fusion images that combine visible and thermal data for improved clarity.
1/2” Progressive Scan CMOS: It incorporates a progressive scan CMOS sensor for optical imaging.
12 µm Thermal Sensor: The thermal sensor has a pixel pitch of 12 µm, offering high sensitivity and clarity.
Quick Replaceable Battery: The battery is easily replaceable, ensuring you can extend your usage time in the field.
Control-Wheel Navigation: The device features control-wheel navigation for easy and intuitive operation.

Lens: 35 mm with an F-ratio of 1.0.
Optical Zoom: 2x.
Digital Zoom: 8x.
Field of View (h/v): 10.97° / 8.82°.
Focus Range: From 3 meters to infinity.
Thermal Type: Uncooled.
Sensor Resolution (h/v): 640 pixels / 512 pixels.
Sensitivity: 35 mK.
Spectral Range: Operating within the 8 µm to 14 µm infrared spectrum.
Display Resolution (h/v): 1024 pixels / 768 pixels.
Refresh Rate: 50 Hz.
Image Polarity: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Fusion, Visible, Fusion.
Output Screen Color: Full color.

DRI Ranges (Detection, Recognition, Identification):
Detection: Rabbit - 525 meters, Person - 1847 meters, Vehicle - 4472 meters
Recognition: Rabbit - 131 meters, Person - 461 meters, Vehicle - 1118 meters
Identification: Rabbit - 65 meters, Person - 230 meters, Vehicle - 559 meters
Dimensions: 87 mm (length) / 51 mm (width) / 167 mm (height).
Weight: 480 grams.

Battery Information:
Type: 18650.
Number of Batteries: 1.
Battery Life: Approximately 5 hours.
Replaceable: Yes.

Environmental Ratings:
Dustproof: Yes.
Shockproof: Yes.
Waterproof: Yes (handles water splashes).
Submersible: Yes (can be submerged under water).
Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 55°C.
Environmental Rating: IP67.
The Gryphon GQ35 is built to withstand challenging environmental conditions while delivering clear thermal imaging capabilities. It's suitable for a wide range of professional and outdoor activities where thermal vision is essential.

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