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HikMicro Lynx Pro LH15 Thermal Monocular

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Introducing the HikMicro Lynx Pro LH15 Handheld Thermal Monocular, a powerful device designed to elevate your outdoor experiences and mission-critical tasks. Armed with a high-performance 384x288 infrared detector and a stunning 1280x960 LCOS display, this monocular ensures crystal-clear thermal imaging even in complete darkness. Whether you're patrolling, conducting search and rescue operations, embarking on a hiking adventure, traveling, or hunting, the Lynx Pro LH15 is your ultimate companion.

Key Features:
High-Resolution Thermal Imaging: The LH15 boasts a 384x288 resolution with a pixel interval of 12μm, delivering exceptional image quality. The Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR, and NETD less than 35 mk (@25°C) ensure precise and detailed thermal imaging.

Vivid Display: Enjoy a rich viewing experience on the 1280x960 resolution 0.4-inch LCOS display. Spot your targets with exceptional clarity and precision.

Long-lasting Power: Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the Lynx Pro LH15 provides up to 7.5 hours of continuous operation, ensuring you stay powered throughout your mission.

Wireless Connectivity: Stay connected and share real-time images via Wi-Fi hotspots using the mobile app. Seamlessly control digital zoom, video recording, and more directly from your mobile device or tablet.

Versatile Color Palettes: Choose between four color palettes—Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, or Fusion—to tailor your thermal imaging experience to different scenarios.

Impressive Detection Range: With a remarkable 700-meter detection distance, the Lynx Pro LH15 allows quick detection of wildlife such as foxes, pigs, deer, and dogs, providing you with the advantage to reposition yourself effectively.

Technical Specifications:
Sensor: 384x288, 12μm
NETD: <35mK (25ºC, F=1.0)
Focal Length: 15mm, F1.0
Magnification: 1.47-11.76
Field of View: 17.5ºx13.1º
Detection Range: 708m
Digital Zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
Monitor: 0.4-inch, LCOS, 1280x960
Battery Type: Built-In, rechargeable Lithium Battery
Wi-Fi: Yes, Hotspot
Record/Snapshot: Yes, Hotspot
Operating Time: Up to 7.5 hours
Dimension: 158.3x61x57mm
Weight: 310g
IP Rating: IP67
Operating Temp.: -20ºC ~ +55ºC
Value for Money: The HikMicro Lynx Pro LH15 delivers exceptional imaging quality at an affordable price, offering outstanding value for your investment.

Elevate your outdoor adventures and missions with the HikMicro Lynx Pro LH15 Thermal Monocular. It's your ticket to unparalleled visibility, day or night, in a compact and lightweight package. Maximize your performance and achieve your goals with the LH15—get yours today.

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