Skywatcher 10″ Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

Skywatcher 10″ Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

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The Skywatcher 10″ Dobsonian Telescope is a powerful but simple to use telescope for all beginners and hobbyists. Boasting a 10″ aperture and F/4.7, this classic dobsonian telescope is a versatile scope – ideal for planetary and lunar observation, even galaxies and nebulae!


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Set up on your balcony or backyard, the Skywatcher 10″ Dobsonian Telescope is an attractive, powerful and functional addition to your home. Featuring a 10″ aperture and 1200mm focal length, F/4.7, this telescope will be your key to the Moon, stars, galaxies and more. The primary mirror also reflects a parabolic design which helps eliminate spheric aberration, a common issue found in low quality telescopes. What does this mean? This telescope is build for high quality and clear views throughout the night.

For the technical astronomers, the primary mirror features a premium Pyrex glass construction known for minimising thermal expansion and decreases cooling time.

Tension Control Handle

The Tension Control Handle (US Patent No. 6,940,642) is exactly what makes the Skywatcher 10″ Dobsonian Telescope so easy to use. The Tension Control handle enables the telescope to stay in place by simply modifying the amount of tension between the telescope optical tube and the sideboard mount. This means that balancing the telescope is extremely easy – simply turn the knob. Now, all you have to be concerned about is what you want to look at!

The Skywatcher 10″ Dobsonian features a 5 Years Warranty.

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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 140 × 60 × 60 cm

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