saxon Novo 607AZ Refractor Kids Telescope

saxon Novo 607AZ Refractor Kids Telescope

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Looking for a gift for a young budding astronomer? Look no further than the Saxon Novo 607AZ Refractor Kids Telescope. This robust tube features a 700mm focal length – combining durability and the efficiency of typically large refractors. Packaged with the refractor is a 5×24 finderscope, star diagonal, dual eyepieces and a collapsible aluminium mount – this set provides everything you need to get started! Also ideal for land viewing.


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Look no further!

Starting out in Astronomy doesn’t need to be a daunting effort. Look no further than the Saxon Novo 607AZ Refractor Kids Telescope, a complete optical set for anyone wishing to start out in astronomy.

The Saxon Novo 607AZ Refractor Kids Telescope features a focal length of 700mm and an aperture of 60mm – a capable duo that gives you compactness and resolution for excellent casual sky viewing. For those wishing to learn about the night sky and the inner workings of an optical tube, this refractor is an excellent way to start. The 607AZ has a wide enough field of view for you to try tracking sky objects but powerful enough for moon viewing and the enjoyment of star fields! Also ideal for land viewing.

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The Saxon brand commits to quality and research. The company develops a range of binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and accessories with the understanding of its user’s priorities and needs. Saxon has built each product around the knowledge that everyone’s viewing requirements are different, proven through each precise and well though out product line. Browse a range of Saxon optical products and you’ll find that every glass has been designed to help every viewer see only the best in every situation.

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Product Code: SAX-214104

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Dimensions 82 × 30 × 20 cm

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