saxon Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (100 Specimens)

saxon Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (100 Specimens)

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Be prepared to be fascinated by the little things around us through this box of 100 prepared biological slides by Saxon!

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The Saxon Biological Microscope Prepared Slides (100 Specimens) is packed in a handy and tough plastic case and feature 100 biological slide samples (including bacteria, penicillium, hydra, frog skin, human blood smear, ant, housefly etc.) This 100 specimens is bound to provide hours and hours of fascinating insight into miniature things around us.

Saxon Prepared Slides Specimens List
1 Freshwater Fish Gill C.S 51 Hydra C.S
2 Wheaten Leaf Epidermis W.M 52 Liver Mammal
3 Smooth Muscle Breakaway W.M 53 Nervous Tissue Sec
4 Suber Cell Sec 54 Honey Bee Mouth Parts W.S
5 Chlorella 55 Fern Prothallium W.M
6 Ant W.M 56 Squamous Epithelial from Human Mouth Scrapings
7 Planaria W.M Injected Digestive System 57 Broad Bean Leaf Epidermis W.M
8 Daphnia W.M 58 Ovary Sec
9 Insect Compound Eye W.M 59 Lung Mammal
10 Plasmodesma Sec 60 Fumaria Whole W.M
11 Motor Nerve Cell W.M 61 Pine Young Female Cone L.S
12 Penicillium W.M 62 Paramecium W.M
13 Moss Protonema W.M 63 Taste Bud Sec (Rabbit)
14 Housefly Wing W.M 64 Hydra W.M
15 Frog Epidermal W.M 65 Kidney Vascular Injection Sec
16 Pine Mature Pollen Grain 66 Small Intestine Sec
17 Tongue L.S (cat or dog) Show Filiform Papilla 67 Kidney L.S
18 Dogbane Leaf 68 Corn Seed L.S
19 Housefly Mouth Parts W.M 69 Pancreatic Sec
20 Fish Squama 70 Bird Feather W.M
21 Epidermal Cell Onion W.M 71 Cotton Fibre W.M
22 Cardiac Muscle L.S 72 Vein Mammal
23 Ciliation Epithelium Sec 73 Corn Root C.S
24 Sperm Smear 74 Hydrilla Leaf Cell W.M
25 Bacterial Three Types Smear 75 Artery Mammal
26 Lymph Node Sec 76 Pine Stem L.S
27 Artery & Vein Vascular C.S 77 Umbrella Mushroom Sec
28 Stomach Paries Sec 78 Parenchyma
29 Spinal Cord C.S 79 Housefly Foot
30 Stratum Tier Squamous Epithelium Sec 80 Salt Crystal
31 Fern Leaf Sec 81 Cotton Stem C.S
32 Moss Antheidium L.S 82 Pine Stem C.S
33 Lichens Sec 83 Pine Young Male Cone L.S
34 Actinomyces W.M 84 Wheat Seed L.S
35 Earthworm C.S 85 Lung Vascular Injection Sec
36 Hydra L.S 86 Simple Columnar Epithelium
37 Plant Mitosis Sec (Onion Root Tip) 87 Letter “E” W.M
38 Yeasts W.M 88 Ascarid Egg W.M
39 Woody Dicotyledon Stem C.S 89 Bark Radical Mould W.M
40 Dicotyledon Stem C.S (Sunflower) 90 Spirogyra W.M
41 Plant Roof Tip L.S (Corn) 91 Fern Young Sporophyte W.M
42 Monocotyledon Stem, C.S. 92 Frog Cleavage Sag Sec
43 Cushaw Stem L.S 93 Lily Ovarian Sec
44 Bone Marrow Smear Mammal 94 Winter Jasmine Leaf W.M
45 Mosquito Larva W.M 95 Young Root Tip C.S (Broad Bean)
46 Honey Bee Third Pair of Legs W.M 96 Human Blood Smear
47 Blood of Frog Smear 97 Drosophila Salivary Gland Chromosomes W.M
48 Lily Anther Sec 98 Asoergillus W.M
49 Privet Leaf C.S 99 Pollen Germinate W.M
50 Spermary Sec 100 Single Ply Squamous Epithelium W.M

*Do note that Saxon may change 1 or 2 of the prepared slides from time to time should there be difficultly sourcing a part.

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