Carl Zeiss Diascope 85 20-75x Angled Spotting Scope

Carl Zeiss Diascope 85 20-75x Angled Spotting Scope


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Get closer to the game, birds, and wildlife than you ever imagined possible with the Victory DiaScope 85-millimeter angled spotting scope and its long-range, wide-field zoom Vario 20-75x adjustable magnification eyepiece. Thanks to advanced optics including FL Concept fluoride glass in the objectives and protective LotuTec lens coating, you will be able to pick out the finest detail, even against a confusing backgrounds. With Carl Zeiss optics, even in low light situations, the most cunning creature pops out from camouflaged cover. With a waterproof, fully armored, dust proof housing, the DiaScope 85 is built to take the punishment of any adventure. Dual Speed Focus aids functionality and ease of use, allowing the observer a rare, close-up, and incredibly detailed look at the greatest distances. Backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty, the Victory DiaScope 85 will make the world around you feel a lot closer.

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  • Power for Any Situation: The long-range, wide-field zoom adjustable 20-75X magnification Vario eyepiece ensures that even the smallest detail is seen in fascinating clarity.
  • Innovative Dual Speed Focus: Two focusing speeds combined in a single control knob–with Precision mode to facilitate accurate focus and Rapid mode to engage automatically when needed. The intuitive focus mechanism adapts its speed to every requirement–all with a single knob.
  • FL glass: The heart of the high performance FL optic comprises a unique lens construction featuring high-quality fluoride glass–or FL for short. The observer will be thrilled by the stunningly bright, razor sharp images of a quality never experienced before.
  • LotuTec Coating: The outstanding visual experience offered by the Victory DiaScope is entirely independent of weather conditions. The LotuTec coating on objectives and eyepieces serves as an immediate water repellent and ensures residue free removal of dirt.
  • Attractive, quiet, durable rubber armor: Noise absorbing rubber armor encloses the lightweight, waterproof housing and reliably protects the precision optics against external damage.
  • Eyepiece Security: At the touch of a button and a slight turn the eyepiece can be removed quickly and conveniently. Accidental release is not possible.


Objective Diameter 85 millimeters
Focal Length 502 millimeters
Close Focus 16.3 feet
Eyepiece Vario 20-60x magnification
Field of View 129-60 feet/100 yards
Tripod Thread 1/4 to 3/8 inches
Front Filter Thread M 86 x 1
Thread for adapting photo/astro adapter M 45 x 0.5
Dimensions 13.6 x 4.1 x 3.82 inches (LxHxW)
Weight 52 ounces

FL Concept–The Flagship Feature of Carl Zeiss Victory DiaScope Optics:
The result of the unique integration of many Zeiss innovations, this revolutionary optical system utilizes fluoride glass to achieve the highest level of performance so that you get the most out of every moment in the field. The FL Concept provides images that are brighter and sharper, colors that are more vivid and highly saturated, and extended twilight and low light performance, even in the most unforgiving weather. Unlike ordinary optical systems, the FL Concept significantly minimizes chromatic aberrations, virtually eliminates annoying stray light interference, image fuzziness, and low contrast, allowing you to reap the ultimate visual rewards.

Key Features of the FL Concept:

  • FL glass with fluoride ions in the objective for color correction.
  • Thin lens design, employing multiple air-spaced elements for reduced weight, improved resolution and minimal distortions.
  • Highly sophisticated eyepiece design for a wide field of view and long eye relief performance.
  • Exceptional internal baffling against stray light for improved contrast.
  • Anti-reflective multi-layer coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces for brighter, high-contrast images.
  • Phase correction prism coatings for improved resolution.
  • High efficiency prisms for improved light transmission and higher resolution.

LotuTec Lens Coating–The Security Blanket that Covers Your Lens:
Whether you’re out in the field in heavy rain or entrenched in a bug-infested swamp waiting for the perfect opportunity to arise, the last thing that should interfere with the moment is water and dirt on your lenses. Like a lotus leaf, LotuTec coating on the objective and ocular lenses repels water so efficiently that raindrops literally roll right off the glass. And the super smooth lens surface can be easily wiped clean without smearing or damaging the optics. As a testament to its superiority over other lens coatings, Zeiss LotuTec was honored with the prestigious Gray’s Best award, recognized as the only optical process that allows lenses to shed water completely–so that even in the heaviest downpours your lenses will remain free from water and dirt, and the view will be as impeccable as ever.

Dual Speed Focus–A Carl Zeiss Innovation:

  • Two focusing speeds combined in a single control knob with Precision Mode facilitate accurate focus and Rapid Mode engages automatically when needed. The intuitive focus mechanism adapts its speed to every requirement–all with a single knob.
  • Precision: a 270 degree rotation on either side of current focus focuses slowly and precisely.
  • Rapid: beyond the Precision zone, focus speed increases 5 times, to move the focus point rapidly just keep turning.
  • Automatic: stop moving the control and it automatically drops back to Precision mode, wherever you are in the focus travel.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 11 cm

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