Binocentral Laser Collimator

Binocentral Laser Collimator

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Quite often, your poor performing reflector telescope isn’t broken, but in need of a bit of collimation. Collimation doesn’t need to be done often but when required, it stumps many. With a laser collimator, little technique is required and you will have an aligned telescopes within minutes.

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The Binocentral Laser Collimator simplifies the collimation process in its easy-to-use, convenient and nifty design. The Laser Collimator incorporates a laser and cross-hairs design that allows you to accurate collimate by simply adjusting the telescope’s primary mirror until it perfectly hits the centre. It’s that easy!

Ideal for precise collimation of Newtonian Reflectors / Refractors with an adjustable lens cell. Fits into all 1.25″ focusers or diagonals. Alignment is easy and can be swiftly done using the small opening on one end, and thin cross hairs at the other end.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

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