Wow what a great event, Astrofest get’s bigger and bigger every year, more attractions more things to do and take part in, it’s truly the biggest and best Astronomy event in Australia.

WA experienced 5 days of Thunder, Lightning, heavy downpours and high damaging winds prior to the event, even on the morning of the event we had some thunderstorms in the hills but in true Astrofest tradition the show went on, guess what it all cleared to give us fantastic blue skies in the day for Solar viewing and other activities. At night the sky was clear and crisp on a barmy WA night so we managed to view heaps of objects for the public.

A big thank you to Celestron, Saxon, Skywatcher and Meade for attending and showing of some great new products, can’t wait to get them into stock at the store.

Thanks to ICRAR and ASTRONOMY WA for a great event and the fantastic pics, follow the link:

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