Stargazers Club WA members are all set for a visit to Golden Grove Observatory on Saturday, 9th February. AGWA members won’t need a ticket for the event at Golden Grove as that’s included with sponsorship payments.

Stargazers Club WA is run by AGWA Member Carol Redford, and is especially for beginners who want to get into the hobby of astronomy. She introduces dozens of people each year to astronomy with telescope classes, private lessons and astrophotography for beginners. It’s great to see Stargazers Club WA members being introduced to AGWA. Some have already joined AGWA.

If you’re an AGWA member you might like to join Stargazers Club WA too. Each month, Carol sends out a newsletter full of information, latest news, local events and useful tips on all things astronomy and stargazing. She runs an event each month and Members receive discounts or free entry.

What’s Up in the Night Sky?

There’s another Supermoon this month. Venus is dazzling in the early hours of the morning and there’s a great opportunity to try and spot Uranus with manual telescopes when it appears next to Mars. The Astrotourism WA website has the latest stargazing forecast details…


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